Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sides| Broiled Caprese Tomato Sliders

There are three ingredients that can never go wrong when put together; basil, fresh mozzarella and tomato.  It's like music to my ears... er tongue. So sweet, so delicious so simple and scrumptious. When I think of summer, I think of these three amigos and everything is lollypops and gumdrops. 

This recipe is great alone or try drizzling extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegrette on top. If you really want to go crazy and take this from side dish to main dish, put it on a fresh baguette and you've made yourself a summer sandy (short for sandwich ya know). Enjoy!

Broiled Caprese Tomato Sliders
tomato, sliced
sliced fresh mozzarella
fresh pesto
salad greens, chopped

1.  Turn on your broiler.
2. Slice tomato and mozzarella. 
3. Lay sliced tomatoes onto a cookie sheet, top with mozzarella and put into broiler. Broil until cheese is nice and bubbly. Take out of oven. 
4. Top cheesy tomatoes with desired amount of pesto, then top off with chopped salad greens. Add salt and pepper as needed. 

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